About Us

Horizon Counseling Services is a group of friends and colleagues, in private practice, who are like minded with respect to our beliefs and approach to growth and change of the human mind. The bedrock of our beliefs is that growth and change is personal and private and individual, and best occurs within the relationship formed between a helping professional and a person motivated towards growth and change, as they wish it. To that end, we are all deeply committed to what we consider to be the most important work; work that changes lives, which in turn changes the world, at the base level.

I have been asked a number of times for the reason behind my choice of Horizon for the name of our group, as some people have guessed that there is significance to that choice. Indeed there is and it lies in my perception of the human mind and the process of growth and change. Within each of us are myriad talents and interests and ways of being that are not yet discovered. For many people, these are never discovered throughout the course of a lifetime. However, if we continue to move, deliberately, in virtually any direction, we will discover features within ourselves that are there, but are yet unseen, just as one travels toward the horizon and discovers lands, unseen at the start point.

We look forward to being of help to those who find meaning in what we believe.

Robert J. Flewelling PsyD LP