Robert Elwell, MA LLP


I bring a wide range of real life and professional experience to my work as a counselor and psychotherapist. In addition, I have advanced training in Neurofeedback, which allows me to provide alternative holistic therapeutic treatments, in areas of neurological disorders, such as ASD, Anxiety, Anger Management, OCD, TBI, Learning Disorders, Sleep, Pain and Depression. This treatment normalizes brain function, thereby providing healthy alternatives to psychopharmaceutical medication.

My professional life has been consistently focused on human service. Initially, upon graduation from Michigan State University, I worked in the Governor’s office and then transitioned into helping guide economically challenged families to find better housing solutions, by owning and operating 35 single family homes. Later, I began developing large tracts of vacant land throughout the state of Michigan and investing in small business ventures until the real estate market crash. After some thinking, as to what to do with my uniquely developed transitional skills and love of helping people, I returned to school and obtained my Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from the Michigan School of Professional Psychology.

Since graduation, I have worked extensively with Neurofeedback, and spent two years in an inpatient hospital developing my diagnostic and treatment skills in a wide range of mental disorders, under the guidance of some of the best psychiatrists in the state, before turning to private practice.

At present, I work with all ages, helping people actively pursue their overall physical and mental health through emotional intelligence, active awareness, life coaching, and the utilization of multiple therapeutic approaches. My unique education, training and business background affords me the ability to tap into the capacities of my clients’, helping them to create the life they wish for themselves. I have extensive experience working with Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Rigid Thinking, Anger and Persistent Negative Thoughts.

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