John C. Brennan JD, PsyD, LP


“In everyone's journey we are confronted by obstacles, conflict and difficult choices. We need guidance and understanding to assist us in the search for our best self. Self-discovery through therapy can be enlightening and empowering. My hope is to help you through this process with empathy and support, premised upon the skills I have learned through life and as a professional counselor. I have received training in Imago Relationship Therapy, domestic abuse, and substance abuse, am a faculty member at several universities, and a guest speaker at marriage workshops. I have both trained and supervised students in psychology.

I've been an attorney for over 30 years and decided to pursue my passion for helping real people with their issues. I completed a clinical training program in Imago relationship Therapy, attending numerous workshops focusing on couples therapy. My master’s thesis and dissertation focused upon mens' issues in marriage.

My education focused on clinical psychology, seeking to gain a deep appreciation for the sanctity of each individual and an understanding of the diverse ways we suffer. I am not a fan of diagnosing as it too often represents an objectification of the individual and fails to capture their reality.”

Phone: 248-470-6225